Video Production: Veterans Auto of Nashville

We’ve been mucho busy with various types of video production lately. Recently, we completed production on 3 videos for Veterans Auto. Robert Hollingsworth and his team of mechanics are solid. Off the subject a bit, I’ve had two recent issues with two different vehicles and tried him out. Outstanding service and pricing was highly competitive. At any rate he requested video production for a television commercial, a longer formed web video and a testimonial video. Here they are (I think they turned out great, but will let you decide).

Video Production #1: 2 Minute “About Us” Web Video

Since research shows that the majority of people spend less than ten seconds on a website if something doesn’t catch them (Yup, 10 seconds! 17% will spend less than 4 seconds), but they are willing to spend 2.7 minutes watching a video online. Video is powerful. It’s important to grab them with something that’ll help them stay. That’s why we wanted video production on the two minute web video. Robert also wanted a television spot which has already began airing. Here it is:

Video Production #2: 30 Television Commercial

Redwood made certain to showcase the Veterans Auto website url so that when the commercial airs, an interested viewer would be able to head on over to the website! And then be able to view the “about us” extended commercial.

Lastly, Redwood wanted to make certain we had great testimonials to showcase on the right side of Veteran Autos mainpage. Again, these are only just completed so they aren’t yet up on the site at the writing of this post. But here’s the video production on that.

Video Production #3: Testimonials

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